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Our Colors

GKMC LogoWhat do our Colors Mean?

Our name is taken from the Knights of old. Knights were protectors of the realm and the Guardians of the weak. They were sworn to a life of service and a code of honor. As members of the Law enforcement community we feel a kinship with those who have gone before us in this mission.

The Knights helmet in the center is a symbol of the role we play as protectors and guardians and the brotherhood we share.

The gold represents the untarnished honor with which we serve.

The shield is a symbol of protection and power.

The swords represent our strength and the force of law under which we work. They are crossed over the Scales of Justice, representing our protection of society and its laws

The details in the handles of the swords represent the varied branches of law enforcement we come from with the sheriff’s shield on the left, a police shield on the right and razor wire down the handle and around the helmet representing our brothers in corrections.

The blue line running the length of the blade and in the eyes of the helmet represents the “thin blue line”, a universal symbol of the Law Enforcement community.

The Scales of Justice symbolize that which we are sworn to uphold.